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Voice Of Reason:

For those who are current Bernie Sanders supporters, and perhaps too young to remember the political atmosphere under George W. Bush, then they might not recall all the praise liberals gave to Venezuela and Hugo Chavez for the success of “Democratic Socialism.” Strangely, much of the video that captured liberals going on and on about Venezuela is no longer easy to find, but the love fest you’ll see in the video below with Sean Penn should demonstrate the sentiment of the day within almost all liberal circles.

Penn tells the camera that it is the U.S. and OUR policies that have become “increasingly gullible” by demonizing foreign leaders like Hugo Chavez, a “Democratic Socialist Dictator.” To quote Penn:

“He’s clearly not a dictator by any international standard…”


Let’s be clear about something. In the video above Sean Penn echoes what could have been heard in almost ANY liberal circle at the time of the filming. Notice I said liberal circle. Anyone other than liberals, presumably those with IQ’s over 6 and who know history, knew how this story ended long before liberals found out. Guess what? They still haven’t learned. They’re still buying into the line:

“But baby… really… I promise… it’ll be different this time… I swear…”

Do you know how “Democratic Socialism” ends? HINT: The same way Socialism or “redistribution of wealth” has ended every other time it’s been tried in history: With mass starvation, rampant crime, and millions of human beings DEAD! End of story.

Eight years ago, liberals regarded Venezuela as the perfect Utopian society that America should strive to become more like, despite the fact none were in a hurry to move there. Fast forward to today, and take a good look at how the perfect Venezuelan utopian society with “Democratic Socialism” has worked out…

In the video below, just as Michael Snyder from the Economic Collapse blog has been reporting for some time, and continues to in the article below, the full-blown economic collapse that is happening in Venezuela right now is a preview of what Americans will be experiencing in the not too distant future. He writes, Just a few years ago, most Venezuelans could never have imagined that food shortages would become so severe that people would literally hunt dogs and cats for food. Sadly, this is what the endgame of socialism looks like.


As you’ll learn below, in Guarenas, where there were revolutionary supporters at one point, now people people could care less about revolution. All they want is food. People literally get in long lines, or wind up killing one another for a carton of eggs or some bread. Thousands turn to social media to barter for goods. On Facebook, people offer to swap razors for cough syrup, toothpaste for sugar and oil for wet wipes.

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