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In the Hulu original series released March 15 and aptly titled Shrill, for how annoying it is, Saturday Night Live’s Aidy Bryant plays Annie, an overweight journalist who is trying to be more in touch with herself and find a healthy amount of self-esteem in her life to deal with her job, her parents, and her relationships. Based on the book Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman by Lindy West, a big part of this positive journey of self-discovery, it turns out, is her having an abortion.

In the first episode, part of Annie realization involves assessing how things are going with the guy she has been hooking up with for six months without a real date. Her partner, Ryan (Luka Jones), prefers sex without a condom which means they aren’t using consistent birth control methods. She has purchased and taken emergency contraception seven times.

When a pregnancy test comes back positive, she immediately assumes it’s a false positive and takes her urine soaked test to show the pharmacist, who explains to her that she is likely too overweight for the morning-after pill to be fully effective, which she’s also reminded is “supposed to be for emergencies only.”

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Killing babies is empowering to the left.

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