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“Useful idiots” is a derogatory term, believed by some to have been invented by Vladimir Lenin, that describes people who are happy to spread propaganda for a cause despite having no idea what the real end goal is. For instance, your bolshie liberal sister-in-law puts a “Black Lives Matter” air freshener in her Prius but has no idea that BLM’s goals are to spread Marxism and buy mansions. She thinks she is showing the world she is not a “racist.” Most importantly, she believes she is better than you. This behavior is called “virtue signaling.”
Virtue signaling and useful idiocy get much worse. I used to live one block off of Morningside Park in Manhattan. A college freshman named Tessa Majors was stabbed to death there one night by three black teen thugs who wanted her iPhone. I’m guessing her woke school didn’t tell her what we all knew, which was never to go into the park at night. Her friends held a memorial for her and a simultaneous rally to protest the “poverty” that led to her death. (Pssst, the teens who murdered her weren’t poor.)
A gay man name Bob Lederer entered the same park in broad daylight and was kicked into the traumatic brain injury unit at the hospital by similar thugs. His friends held a protest to “stop the violence” in the park while simultaneously marching for “restorative justice.” This means they want the attacks to stop but they also don’t want the thugs responsible to go to jail. Why? Because woke libs are useful idiots. They believe the people responsible for the extreme violence, almost all of whom are black, are “victims” of systemic racism who can’t help themselves. Lederer himself called for “restorative justice” from the traumatic brain injury unit. His friends applauded his stupidity bravery.
Check out the pics in the tweet below. Libs truly believe after-school programs and midnight basketball courts will keep criminals from attacking people.

This sounds ludicrous to mentally healthy people, but in the world of woke white people, it’s business as usual. It also makes them feel superior to conservatives who aren’t afraid to hold people responsible for their actions, whatever their race. I know; I used to be one of them.
White libs support the end of bail laws, letting criminals out of jail, and defunding the police because their political masters told them these are the right things to do. They believe the “400 years of slavery” myth and were told that the answer is to let black criminals walk, even though the villains who benefit from these insane ideas have driven crime rates to historic highs. Here’s the dirty little secret they won’t acknowledge: most of the victims of the current crime tsunami are black. If a white person suffers, that’s acceptable, too — white people “deserve it” because, you know, slavery. Yes, many liberals believe this.

White libs, the useful idiots, don’t care. They have taken what they believe is the moral high road. Most won’t even hear about the details of the carnage happening in our nation. News outlets love a good ole American mass shooting, as long as the shooter is an angry white man. Never mind that at least 70% of mass shootings are committed by black people. You don’t hear much about those.
Black leaders see the black-on-black crime as “collateral damage,” which is also verboten for you and me to mention. Some pretend it isn’t real. Sure, a few brothers will die, but they believe the nation owes the black population a debt for slavery and Jim Crow — a debt which, incidentally, can never be paid. So they want to see black criminals walk, even though they will rob, assault, rape, and kill mostly other black folks. Power to the people.
Black race-baiters like Al Sharpton and BLM make mad stacks off the dead bodies of black men. They rally against “white racism” but don’t actually want “racism” to go away — it’s their bread and butter. If racism disappeared, Big Al Sharpton would have to get a job, and how would BLM buy that 14th mansion? BLM looks at people like George Floyd as ATMs.

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