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by Michael Yon

Quick mind dump, sans edit
When in doubt, use this as reference: THE CULT is the group who DRANK the DRINK and FORCED OTHERS to DIE WITH THEM.
Another clue is the body count. And the doubling down.
Counterintuitively, cults do not automatically collapse in the face of overwhelming evidence or proof that their premise is wrong.
Sometimes the cults actually grow. They grow by, for instance, redoubling recruitment and coercion.
Death jabs. Many jab-kultists, despite falling sick after previous jabs, appear excited over latest boosters as children for latest iPhone. Egged on by the kult leader or leadership. The kult leader(s) may or may not be true believers.
Kults collect around rituals. The jab and the virtue signal are ritual. Kult members posting images jabbing their own children are performing ritualistic child sacrifices the Aztecs or Joseph Campbell would recognize.
Anyone who will sacrifice their own child or take the jab into their own bodies and then attempt to force others to the same WILL DO ANYTHING. Nothing is beyond their Pale. They are hacked. Brainwashed. Zombies.
Importantly: people who were tricked or coerced into taking the jabs are not per se cult members. The jab does not the kult make.
Many extremely intelligent people like Dr Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, and huge long list of others, were coerced or tricked into the jab and then realized the mistake later. This list includes some of my special forces and other friends who fell for the trap — in huge part thanks to censorship — or were coerced. I spent significant time with Dr. Peterson — I can say now from experience Dr. Peterson is even smarter and more intense in person than he comes across on television. Simply brilliant. And Dr. Peterson has an earned reputation for fighting with swords against Evil.
Many were coerced by the idea they could not travel without jabbing. Some folks have asked why I no longer appear on John Batchelor show. I love the show and greatly respect John’s work. After numerous entreaties I refused the jab every time and coincidentally this was the end of my days on John Batchelor show. I do not know if this was related. (I was never paid or compensated for appearances — I miss the show but I would never take the jab or anyone).
But I know a lot of people who took the jab so they could travel. I just stopped and read books for about six months. I don’t need to travel. There are books to read. Every mushroom cloud has a silver lining.
What prompted this mind dump? Am in a chat with some very well educated folks who went to places like MIT. As per normal on almost all my chats, I am the least educated. Some are avid vaxxers, some are not.
‘Education’ appears unrelated or mostly unrelated to susceptibility.

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