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by Buck Throckmorton

Are you exhausted yet with all the scandals and controversy surrounding Governor Ron DeSantis in Florida?
Or how about Governor Glenn Youngkin in Virginia? From his controversial campaign to his mishandling of the I-95 snowstorm, aren’t you just exhausted? Now to be fair, Youngkin hasn’t actually been sworn in yet as Governor, but you have to admit his future tenure is already shaping up to be exhausting.
I jest. But only because it is quite clear which playbook political-media leftists and faux-conservatives are following to try to destabilize prominent GOP Governors.
In November 2019 I wrote a piece about the evergreen complaint that Republican Presidents are just too “exhausting,” and how faux-conservative pundits were using the “exhausting” angle to weaken Trump’s successful presidency.

Is Trump’s Presidency More “Exhausting” Than Reagan’s Presidency? (Ace of Spades HQ – Nov 2019)

A recent meme among allegedly conservative pundits is that they are *exhausted* from covering the Trump presidency. With a heavy heart, they state that the exhausting nature of Trump’s presidency is not sustainable, and therefore something must change.

I won’t bother going into great detail about the left’s DeSantis derangement syndrome, but one example is Jen Psaki stating last week that DeSantis has been “not exactly advocating for people in his state to get vaccinated.” Of course that’s false, but it creates an air of controversy around him. By contrast, after vaccines rolled out, 60 Minutes did a hit piece on DeSantis, accusing him of corruption for trying to get vaccines to grocery stores that could vaccinate senior citizens, his most loyal constituency.

The stories that the left is pushing about DeSantis may be false, but aren’t you exhausted by all the controversy surrounding him? Surely there is someone like Jeb or Nikki who is less controversial and less exhausting, right?
We all had a good laugh at “conservative” Jonah Goldberg this week for his ignorant tweet trying to blame the I-95 traffic jam in Virginia on Glenn Youngkin, the Republican Governor-elect. All the mockery and insults hurled at Jonah were well-deserved, but the critical point is that he never got around to criticizing the actual Governor, who is a Democrat.

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