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Or geometry or algebra or whatever. From last year.

In Chicago, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has told Chick-fil-A that the fast-food company is not welcome in his town because “Chick-fil-A’s values are not Chicago values.” In other words, because Chick-fil-A ownership believes in traditional marriage, it shouldn’t bother opening up shop in Chicago.

But Emanuel is welcoming Louis Farrakhan, who is against same-sex marriage and who blasted President Obama two months ago for endorsing the practice.

Of course.

Rahm Emanuel–like his Leftist siblings-in-arms at A&E–gets told who to denounce and who not to. (I would guess that, after a while, one would get a feel for whom to target.) Chik-fil-A? Duck Dynasty Stars? Fair game, no pun intended. 

Nation of Islam? Fugedaboutit, especially if the potential denouncer is the mayor of Chicago; he knows who to slime and who not to. But even if we weren’t talking about Rahm Emanuel, the target is a double no-no for the Left: black and Muslim.

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