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This outline is reliant upon: (1) intellectual honesty; (2) accepting what is, and not what we wish/hope to be; and (3) the welcomed challenge to prove it all wrong.  Please, prove this analysis wrong – and if we can’t prove it wrong; not by hopes and dreams, rather by actual quantifiable evidence; then please provide possible solutions – quickly.

There are two facets, two recent researched stories, that paint a very disturbing scenario.

The first facet is a reality that Senate Security Officer James Wolfe was given, and leaked, a copy of the Carter Page FISA application on March 17th, 2017.  This is important because it leads to context within the larger issue.

It is virtually guaranteed that James Wolfe received and leaked the FISA Application [SEE HERE]; however, not only was he not charged with the leak, not a single media outlet has taken the overwhelming evidence, reported on the leak – or questioned the DOJ or FBI about why Wolfe was only charged with lying to investigators in December last year.

Why?  Why is that massive DC corruption story completely overlooked?   What does that say about the fourth estate?

It would be entirely impossible for that story to be hidden if the DOJ, FBI, political system (within the Senate Intelligence Committee), and fourth estate were functioning correctly.   Something is severely broken, and there’s no-one doing a darned thing about it.

♦ Accepting that dysfunction leads us into the more recent issue:

The details and circumstances surrounding the plot to smear Judge Brett Kavanaugh, through the use of Ms. Christine Blasey-Ford, by a group of politicians, political operatives and former DOJ/FBI officials.


However, don’t get caught up in the weeds.  For now just look at the bigger picture.

Think about the known names and positions for a moment.

•Ms. Christine Blasey-Ford (academic psychologist and life-long best friend of a former career FBI agent); •Ms. Monica Lee McLean (former 24-year career DOJ/FBI insider); •Mr. Michael Bromwich (former DOJ inspector general and career DOJ/FBI official); •Mr. David Laufman (former CIA, and DOJ-NSD Asst. U.S. Attorney General); •Ms. Debra Katz (political operative and legal counsel with deep DNC attachments); •Senator Dianne Feinstein (ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee); and the myriad of media allies (Mayer, Farrow) and political operatives who each played a role in the scheme.

Again, skip the weeds.  Just look at the big picture.

The smear campaign against Judge Brett Kavanaugh didn’t just involve a small team of connected insiders; their enterprise carried across multiple institutions, the legislative branch, political operations and the media.  This SCOTUS smear campaign was a major effort consisting of multiple organizations (inside and outside of government) and multiple people, and it took considerable planning and coordination to execute.

Now, apply your own intellectual honesty here….

Do you really think that all of those elements described above would even consider going after a supreme court nominee with a baseless lie if they thought they would get caught?

Think about it.

What level of risk would have to exist in order to begin constructing such a fraudulent scheme?  Who/What would be the “risk elements” under consideration?

To begin constructing this effort the architects would need confidence that all elements normally functioning within oversight, which under normal circumstances could catch them in the system process, were under control.

That level of confidence is beyond normal hubris.

The people working this scheme would need very strong confidence in pre-existing institutional control within the system of the DOJ, the FBI, the Senate Judiciary and the media apparatus – writ large.

If they thought the current Department of Justice or current Federal Bureau of Investigation was not under their control, or not able to be influenced by their control, they would never begin.

If they thought the current DOJ or current FBI were functioning, they would never even begin to construct such a scheme.  It just wouldn’t happen; because they wouldn’t think they could: (A) pull it off; and (B) avoid accountability if caught.

In addition, they would have to believe the politicians within the Judiciary Committee and their political allies in total could operate to assist without scrutiny or questioning.  Also, they would need to have confidence the Fourth Estate (media) was entirely on their side and no opposition would exist to present a risk from investigative exposure.

All of those elements would be needed in forethought in order to begin constructing the extensive plot against Judge Kavanaugh.  If they didn’t have confidence in the status of those institutions they would never begin.

If we accept the premise: if they thought they would/could get caught they would never begin, then we must accept a more disconcerting reality.

They began because they had no risk of getting caught. The current institutions are corrupt.

Adding what we know about the James Wolfe outcome to the current Kavanaugh plot, and what stands in front of us is an entirely corrupt set of institutions providing no law, no order, and absolutely no oversight.  Abject FUBAR.

Again, big picture.  This means the current DOJ, current FBI, current Senate-side of the legislative branch, and current media apparatus are entirely dysfunctional.

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