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By Cristina Laila

Republicans on the House Judiciary and House Ways and Means Committees issued subpoenas for IRS investigators and DOJ officials with knowledge of the political interference and preferential treatment in the Hunter Biden investigation.

The subpoenas were sent to the following individuals:

“Today, the House Committee on the Judiciary and House Committee on Ways and Means issued subpoenas to Internal Revenue Service (IRS) investigators and Biden Administration Department of Justice (DOJ) officials present at or with direct knowledge of a meeting on October 7, 2022, in which now-Special Counsel David Weiss allegedly claimed he was prevented from bringing charges against President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, for tax crimes. The subpoenas come after the DOJ and the IRS refused to comply with multiple requests for voluntary transcribed interviews with these key witnesses.” House Republicans said.

US Attorney from Delaware Dave Weiss was assigned to investigate Hunter Biden’s crimes.

IRS whistleblowers bravely came forward and revealed the DOJ was giving Hunter Biden preferential treatment.

Recall, David Weiss signed a June 7 letter claiming he had been granted “ultimate authority” over the Hunter Biden case.

This contradicts what an IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley heard David Weiss say during one of his in-person meetings with the prosecutor.

Merrick Garland however has insisted David Weiss had full authority to bring charges against Hunter Biden.

In March Garland said under oath that Weiss had full authority to charge Hunter Biden.

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