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Biden sure has a lot of Friends Who Give Him Money in Romania, Russia, and China.

And as I can attest from all the generous donors to the blog, Friends Who Give You Money are the bestest friends in the whole wide world!

WASHINGTON (NewsNation) — The House Oversight Committee claimed it uncovered evidence indicative of the Biden family’s “influence peddling and financial deception” on Wednesday, warranting further investigation and legislative solutions.”I want to be clear, this committee is investigating President Biden and his family’s shady business deals that capitalize on Joe Biden’s public office and risks our country’s national security,” Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.), the committee chairman, said.

The records revealed that the Biden family, their associates and their companies allegedly received over $10 million from foreign companies — including from China and Romania — the memo said. The Biden family allegedly used their business associates to receive these funds.
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The committee accused President Joe Biden of lacking transparency regarding his family’s business dealings, claiming that bank records revealed the Biden family received millions of dollars from foreign sources.

However, the committee has not uncovered any evidence that directly linked the president to any foreign business dealings.

The memo justified the committee’s investigation, saying that because Biden isn’t required to file financial disclosures for immediate family members, the president has been able to make misleading statements about the source of his family’s income. He has also been able to “act willfully blind” about his family’s finances “notwithstanding potential conflicts of interest” and can use federal government resources and personnel to conceal the influence peddling.

The committee subpoenaed four different banks and reviewed thousands of records, in which the committee claims the Biden family created a web of over 20 companies — most formed during Biden’s vice presidency.

The memo claimed that the wires and money transfers range from approximately $5,000 to at least $3 million.
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NewsNation received a memo from the White House early Wednesday morning, calling the claims against Biden baseless and absurd.

“House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer is loudly and proudly broadcasting a press conference today to continue his long pattern of making absurd claims that President Biden has made governing decisions not in the interest of America, but of the Chinese Communist Party, using baseless claims, personal attacks, and innuendo to try to score political points,” White House spokesperson Ian Sams said.

The House members made several big points:

1. It is a complete mystery what “business” Biden family members are engaged in.

Anticipating the Democrats’ counter-claim that “Trump has foreign business contacts too,” Comer (IIRC) said yes, but we know what Trump’s actual business is. We know the services and goods he is providing in exchange for money.

What are the Bidens providing in exchange for $10 million+ in foreign money?

No one can say — least of all the Bidens.

Unlike Trump, Joe Biden has no “business” whatsoever except his position in the US government and his capacity to influence policy and legislation.

So that’s what he’s selling. What else could he sell? His famous Sherlock-Holmes-level intellect and capacity for solving mysteries?

2. Even when someone is engaged in a business with foreign entities, we never see those foreign entities sending checks to grandchildren and wives and brothers and brothers’ wives.

Byron Donald (IIRC) made this point. Whatever the many, many “businesses” created by Biden family members and their associates was supposedly doing, one thing we definitely know is that Biden’s granddaughters were not providing services to Romania and China. They’re not, after all, highly qualified energy executives like Hunter.

So why are foreign businesses and gangsters sending money to Biden’s grandchildren? Is Natalie Biden now a globetrotting energy expert too?

Is there just a special Biden Family Gene that makes you an energy expert innately, despite having no education, training, or experience in the field?

3. Biden’s family members and associates started sham business after sham business.

Byron Donald (IIRC) made this point. He said that as a former prosecutor, he knew that when you investigated a family (perhaps an actual mafia family) and found shell company after shell company, with money flowing from one company to another for no obvious reason, and money flowing for no discernible reason to the family members of the principals, these webs of companies are always created for the purpose of disguising the source of revenues coming in. There is no other reason to create such a convoluted and opaque web of shell companies and similarly-named companies except to baffle any law enforcement forensic accountants who try to figure out who owns what, who’s getting what, and where all the money is coming from.

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