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Findings #11-#4 discuss the insufficiency/inadequacy of the government’s response to Russian trouble-making. Finding #14 says “The Executive Brach’s post-election response was insufficient,” which references both Obama’s administration and Trump’s.

In Finding #15, the House Intel Committee says most of the Intelligence Community’s judgments “employed proper analytic tradecraft,” but in Finding #16, they say the IC’s judgments as to Russia’s motives — the IC declared they wanted to help Trump — “did not employ proper analytic tradecraft.”

We already had that finding tipped, as members mentioned that in interviews.

Finding #20 notes that thusfar none of Mueller’s indictments relate to any “collusion, coordination, or conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russian government.”

Interestingly, Finding #21 is blank, and simply says “[classifed].”

I’m pretty sure it’s something damaging to the Democrats’ theory or else Adam Schiff would have leaked it to his palz at CNN already.

Finding #22 notes that General Flynn was charged with, and pled guilty to, making false statements to the FBI, though the agents actually interviewing hin “did not detect any deception.”

Finding #23 notes that Executive Branch officials “did not notify the Trump campaign that members of the campaign were assessed to be potential counterintelligence concerns.”

Interesting, that. This seems part of Obama’s plan to hide information from Trump. They weren’t looking to warn him about security concerns; they were willing to risk national security if they could get a good media leak out of it.

Finding #25 notes that none of the Russian nationals or Russian organizations indicted for interference in the election have “provided evidence of collusion, coordination, or conspiracy between the Trump campaign and the Russian government.”

Finding #26 says there is no evidence of Trump’s pre-campaign business dealings having anything to do with collusion.

Finding #27 states what’s pretty obvious, to all but the most diehard CNN idiots and NeverTrumpers: Two fringey, flakey “foreign policy advisers” wound up briefly joining the Trump campaign precisely because the Establishment opposed Trump so stridently, and hence, Trump resorted to just looking for warm bodies.

Finding #28 repeats the debunking of the Rachel Maddow claim that the change in the GOP platform weakened the GOP’s position on the Russian invasion of the Ukraine. In fact, as everyone who isn’t a hack knows by now, the platform change strengthened the party’s position on Ukraine. This was #FakeNews from the first.

Finding #29 says that there is no evidence Trump had anything to do with the theft of DNC emails, but does chide Trump associates for their “numerous ill-advised contacts with Wikileaks.”

Finding #30 is similar, stating that Carter Page did not travel to Moscow for the Trump campaign, but fretting about his “seemingly incomplete accounts of his activity in Moscow.”

Finding #32 says that George Papdapolous was unsuccessful in his own private goal of setting up a meeting between Trump and Russia.

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