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ome of Hollywood’s biggest stars spent the weekend begging us to give the House back to the Democrats.


We’re all gonna die if the GOP retains control of Congress, they cried. Or, even worse, Nazism will rise again, turning the Land of the Free into the Home of the Concentration Camp.

Sound like hyperbole? It’s the precise message being sent by some celebrity elite. You might expect

that unhinged rhetoric from Infowars or the farthest left bastions on the web. No, these battle cries came from the biggest names in Hollywood.

Oscar winners. Tony winners. Grammy winners. Emmy winners.

Let’s start with Sally Field. The two-time Oscar winner joined Twitter not too long ago. And, with her birthday approaching (Nov. 6), she used her official account to warn what might happen if the “Blue Wave” doesn’t materialize.

Two time Tony winner Bette Midler echoed the “vote or die” mantra in a series of Tweets.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, owner of a staggering nine Emmy awards, once kept her political musings to herself.

Not anymore.

The actress has been more vocal in recent months. Now, she’s blaming President Donald Trump, one of the most pro-Israeli American leaders in our lifetime, for the Pittsburgh synagogue attack which left 11 people dead last week.

Her new voting video is only warming up, though.

“Donald Trump, you are the president of all citizens of this country, you should not inflame the hatred of some at the violent expense of others,” Julia Louis-Dreyfus begins. “We’ve seen Jews subjected to persecution, prejudice, and mass murder for thousands of years. We were all horrified by the horrific slaughter of 11 Jewish congregants at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh.”

The clip then evokes the Holocaust, letting two survivors share their stories as if Trump might bring the same to America’s soil.

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