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Hershel Smith @ The Captain’s Journal:


U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder told Kansas Governor Sam Brownback that the legislation he signed titled the Second Amendment Protection Act, SB 102 will be ignored by the federal government and the Obama administration will enforce firearm confiscation regardless of state laws, the New American reported yesterday.

The Kansas governor signed the Second Amendment Protection Act, SB 102 last month that strengthens the constitutionally protected rights of Kansans to keep and bear arms but it appears that the Obama administration and U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder want nothing of it, claiming that the federal government has sole-rights over states rights when it comes to the second amendment matters.

This is good.  It’s a positive sign that Holder is acknowledging the coming conflict.  Kansas and all of the other states who are enacting nullification laws had better listen to me – and listen carefully.

You had better not enact such laws unless you intend to enforce them.  Don’t enact them as emblematic measures, or legislative actions to send a message.  This is a silly way to send a message.

If you don’t intend to enforce them, your own state residents will see you – the lawmakers and law enforcement officers – as a bunch of wind bags who fold like a cheap tent in the slightest wind.  Also, if you plan to appeal this to any of the federal courts, you will lose.  The Marbury versus Madison rulingforever ensures that the totalitarians in Washington will have friends in the judiciary.

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