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The least she could have done after yesterday’s Times bombshell was apologize for not punishing Burns Strider more aggressively in 2008. Or, if she couldn’t muster that, at least maintain an embarrassed, undignified, yet still-more-dignified-than-this silence.

What the hell is this?

That’s a Clinton classic, combining condescension with clumsy political calculation — practically her trademark. The Strider story does real damage to her image as a feminist icon even though her refusal to fire him was predictable given her past. Between Bill, Harvey Weinstein, and now Strider, Hillary’s never had a problem tolerating accused predators who can help her politically. Strider’s the only one of those three, though, over whom she had direct authority. And when presented with evidence of his misbehavior, she whiffed. Keeping him on staff and reassigning his victim to a new job would be bad form for any employer.

…but for a feminist hero, the would-be First Woman President? Unimaginable. Some real remorse is in order, particularly with America still in the throes of the #MeToo moment.

But Hillary doesn’t do remorse. If you paid five minutes of attention to her book or the accompanying tour last year, you already know that. Caught out for going soft on sexual harassment, her strategy in the tweets above is to try to claim solidarity with the woman after refusing to fire her harasser and to do so in a weirdly maternal way by reassuring the woman that she’s “proud” of her, as if receiving the Hillary Clinton seal of approval 10 years after the fact would or should matter under the circumstances. She can’t even directly address the allegations, let alone her role in keeping Strider on. All we get from those tweets about the substance of the incident is a reference to “something that happened in 2008” and the fact that Hillary was, um, “dismayed” about it. Not dismayed enough, it seems.

And then the coup de grace: “We deserve to be heard.” “We”? The reason her wrist-slap of Strider wasn’t known sooner is because the woman he harassed is under an NDA.

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