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by Ace:

It remains enraging to watch The Regime encourage the left to claim that elections stolen from them, while the selfsame Regime prosecutes the right claiming elections were stolen from them.

Douglass Mackey was corruptly convicted of posting an online meme. The meme — obviously a joke — said that people could just text their votes for Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton supporters posted the same sort of meme, telling people to text their votes for Trump and telling them not to forget to vote on Wednesday (which is after the election, and votes cast after the election won’t count unless you’re a Democrat).

But they weren’t prosecuted.

But the feds decided to prosecute Douglass Mackey for the crime of Making a Joke Without Regime Approval.

He now faces Ten Years in Prison for having tweaked The Regime.

And this vicious hag is cheering that prison sentence on, again claiming the election was stolen from her.

Not by Russkies this time, but by memes.

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