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Scotty Starnes:

This is rich coming from Hillary Clinton (who claims she’s broke) who wants to blame Republicans for a law the Democrats passed without a single Republican vote or amendment.  The Democrats refused to read the law because it was “to complicated” as one Democrat put it. Nancy Pelosi said that they had to pass the bill to find out what’s in it. Then after passing the law, Obama promised a $2500 savings.

All lies and the dumb voters, as Prof. Gruber exposed. All who support this law, got ricked due to their ideology

From Bloomberg:

“We cannot afford to let Republicans stop the progress we’ve made and push further harmful cuts” to Medicare and other programs, Clinton says in statement.

Well, let’s us do a little fact-checking for Bill’s wife. The Democrats lied and stole $500 Billion from the Medicare Fund to pay for Obamacare. The Chief Actuary, Richard Foster, testified, in front of Congress, about how the Democrats were “double counting.” Some so-called “fact-checking” sites attempted to lie to American taxpayer but you can watch Obama answer Jake Tapper’s question with a “YES.”

(Liberals hate reading so I posted the video. Don’t believe your lying eyes folks)


There you go folks. Democrats stole at least $500 Billion (say claim it’s closer to$700 Billion) and now due to their inept law, Hillary want’s Republicans to fix the mess they created. People have to remember that Democrats have controlled 2/3rd of our government from 2007 – 2015. They controlled 3/3rd during Obama’s first two years but Democrats, like Hillary, wants their help now that they control 2/3rd.

So, now we have Hillary being the corrupt, lying politician we all have come to know and detest, blaming the party that didn’t pass Obamacare for Obamacare’s huge mistakes. They could have fixed it but decided to celebrate the Supreme Court ruling it Constitutional. Yes, they celebrate as the majority still hates the law.

Yay, Team Democrats.

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