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Tom Maguire @ JustOneMinute:

The AllahPundit convinces me that Biden and Obama would be crazy to throw Hillary under the bus for the Benghazi debacle. However, he does not convince me that Biden is not crazy.

The Times tries to pretend that all is well with the reassuring news that, like the Flying Dutchman, the buck stops nowhere:

In a debate with Representative Paul D. Ryan on Thursday night, Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. said White House officials were not told about requests for any additional security. “We weren’t told they wanted more security again,” Mr. Biden said.

The Romney campaign on Friday pounced on the conflicting statements, accusing Mr. Biden of continuing to deny the nature of the attack. The White House scrambled to explain the apparent contradiction between Mr. Biden’s statement and the testimony from State Department officials at the House hearing.

The White House spokesman, Jay Carney, said Friday that security issues related to diplomatic posts in Libya and other countries were dealt with at the State Department, not the White House. Based on interviews with administration officials, as well as in diplomatic cables, and Congressional testimony, those security decisions appear to have been made largely by midlevel State Department security officials, and did not involve Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton or her top aides.

Darn those mid-level staffers! If they would only run for re-election so we could vote them out.

Janet Reno got props for standing up and taking blame for the 1993 Waco disaster when all of Washington, including newly elected President Bill Clinton, were hiding under their desks. Maybe Hillary should step up on Benghazi and confirm that she is the only person in the Obama Administration with cojones.

But blaming mid-level staffers? Really? Is Obama going to campaign on a slogan that he killed Osama and will keep America safe unless those darn mid-level stafers screw up again?

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