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Matt Walsh:

Hey protestors in Ferguson and around the country, along with all manner of other agitators, demonstrators, race baiters, looters, rioters, media sensationalists, and everyone else in the Michael Brown Fan Club across the nation and the world:

You claim you want justice, so what are you protesting now?

Justice was done, friends, justice was done.

There won’t be a public trial because this is America, and in America we don’t put people on trial just to satisfy the vengeance of the mob. We don’t bring someone up on charges if the facts do not support those charges.

So Officer Wilson was not indicted. The facts reigned supreme last night. Well, first the facts, and then the arson.

Officer Wilson will not be charged because the entire outrage was built on fabricated witness testimony. Witness testimony, in some cases, from people who weren’t even witnesses. Officer Wilson was not indicted because the physical evidence, forensics, and ballistics all supported his story. Officer Wilson was vindicated because the most consistent witnesses were the ones who validated his version of events (and most of those witnesses were black).

That’s the truth. That’s the reality. It’s rock solid, folks. Plain as day. Michael Brown was not a civil rights hero; he was a belligerent and violent young man who lost his life because of his own actions. It is sad that he’s dead — and it’s his fault that he’s dead. He sought an altercation with a store clerk and then he sought an altercation with a cop. In the course of that second altercation, he tried to grab the officer’s gun. And now he’s dead. That’s what happens when you assault a cop and try to take his gun. You get shot. This is no great mystery. It’s no cause for rioting in the streets. It’s a case where A + B = C, and Michael Brown is fully responsible.

This decision is not what you wanted, I realize, but that’s only because you never wanted justice at all. You wanted a certain outcome, and you have demanded that outcome from the very beginning, before listening to the other side, before looking at the evidence, before hearing from all of the witnesses, before giving the dust a chance to settle. You came to a conclusion based on rumor and conjecture, and you have not strayed from that conclusion or adjusted it or even acknowledged that any other conclusions are possible. This, my fellow citizens, is not the behavior of people who want justice and fairness. This is the behavior of a lynch mob. This is the behavior of tyrants who are perfectly willing to send an innocent man to jail if it means winning some kind of bizarre ideological victory. This is behavior that ought to be exposed and shamed, in no uncertain terms.

That’s why I won’t be another to make this all about the violence in Ferguson, although there has been a ton of it since Michael Brown was shot and killed by Officer Darren Wilson. I can easily point to the rioting and looting, not to mention the bomb plots, rock throwing, vandalism, death threats, rape threats, terrorist threats, and general chaos at your hands. And that’s just before the decision. After the decision we saw utter detestation brought upon by the people who claim they are fighting for some great and magnanimous cause. More rioting, looting, vandalism, destruction, chaos, bottles and rocks thrown, shots fired, cars overturned, and roaming arsonists wreaking havoc across the community. Over a dozen buildings now lay in rubble in Ferguson. Reduced to rock and ash by the very people who say they care so much for their town. And all because a criminal was shot for attacking a cop. All for nothing, in other words. Yet supporters contend that the thieves, antagonists, and anarchists are but a small portion — out of town usurpers, for the most part — and are not representative of the group as a whole.

And you know what? Fine.

I’ll go with that.

I’ll accept that argument.

Whatever. Who cares? This discussion about the exact proportion of violent vs. non-violent protestors is irrelevant. It’s exactly the sort of conversation the agitators and race baiters want us to have because it distracts from the larger problem. Frankly, I don’t think it matters how you are protesting. Whether you’re on the streets of Ferguson or spreading conjecture and false accusations on Twitter, whether you’re a peaceful group or a band of vandalizing thugs — let’s talk instead about the fact that you are protesting in the first place. Are these demonstrations violent? Some definitely are, but that’s not the point. The greater concern is that you’re being dishonest. You are lying. You brazenly disregard every piece of evidence, every witness statement, and the grand jury’s determination in order to propagate a falsehood. You say you want to know what happened, but you preemptively reject any explanation beyond the explanation you conjured up within 24 hours of the event itself. You, along with many politicians and media members, made up your minds three months ago, and you have not allowed any preceding fact or reality to penetrate. You established your narrative and have built your movement upon that foundation. ‘We want justice,’ you declare, but not a single one of you will consider the possibility that justice includes Officer Wilson being cleared of all wrongdoing, even after the science and most reliable firsthand accounts conflict with your mythology.

This is beyond a mere misinterpretation. This is blatant deception, and you’re all complicit in it.

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