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International Hijab Day has now launched its campaign for 2019. The movement urges all women to wear veils and post pictures on social media in solidarity with Muslims.

Since 2013, the International Hijab Day is organised. This year’s campaign targets everyone who uses social media.

Through the hashtag #FreeInHijab, the movement will show the world that no woman is oppressed or imprisoned in her veil, but that it is a choice of free will, the founder Nazma Khan explains.

Khan therefore urges all women, regardless of religious affiliation, background and ethnicity, to wear veils for 24 hours on 1 February to show solidarity with all Muslims.

According to the movement’s Facebook page, the day is also about introducing women to wearing a veil.

On Twitter they write that it is now time for “a flood in social media with the hashtag #FreeInHijab”. According to the post, the campaign will “educate” those who label hijab as a symbol of oppression.


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