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Remember, in the deep & factional political weeds George Stephanopoulos is ‘team Cinton’.  Team Obama are exposed in the Biden-Ukraine pay-to-play scandal.  The aspect that exposes Team Clinton is the FBI false construct of the vast Russian conspiracy with Crowdstrike, DNC server hacking and the Ukraine dirt-digging participation for 2016.

As a result, Stephanopoulos is more concerned with defending Team Clinton (DNC hack via Crowstrike) than defending Team Obama (Joe Biden selling influence).

Giuliani knows the factional nuance; and as a result he immediately side-steps the part of the Ukraine narrative that Stephanopoulos is prepared to defend (Clinton).  Instead, Giuliani goes to the part of the Ukraine narrative that surrounds Team Obama (via Biden), where Stephanopoulos is less invested.  Smart move.

Rudy Giuliani, having avoided the Clinton trap, then rips the legs out from under the Biden-Ukraine defense and beats Stephanopoulos over the head with the truth hammer.

Following these interviews today, Team Biden (aka Team Obama) recognize that Rudy Giuliani has the facts to expose their corruption and begin demanding that media executives stop allowing Giuliani to tell the truth.

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