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Liberals call Trump and conservatives who support him “Nazis” and “Hitler.” Which as I pointed out in my last column is wrong, reckless, and bordering on insanity. Hitler and the Nazis killed 6 million Jews and tens of millions of others in WWII. Nothing compares to Hitler or Nazis. To make that comparison is obscene.

But it is ironic that Democrats and liberals are the ones who are closest to acting like Nazis. If not Nazis, they sure are acting like the mafia. Or murdering street thugs. Or “domestic terrorists.” Take your pick.

Liberals are purposely demonizing, intimidating and persecuting people whose politics they disagree with. They are inciting violence. And this is no joke: They are going to get someone killed. Whether it’s a Republican politician, or an ICE agent, or just a conservative in the wrong place, at the wrong time, wearing a red Trump MAGA hat. As sure as I’m sitting here, someone is going to kill a conservative based on this violent rhetoric.

Ask Steve Scalise about the odds of that. Ask GOP Congressman Brian Mast. A pro-open borders liberal nutcase was just arrested for threatening to murder his children.

Here are a few more horror stories. Trump’s spokeswoman Sarah Sanders and her family were forcefully kicked out of The Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Virginia. The hateful, vicious restaurant owner then followed the family across the street and screamed at them in the next restaurant. This is obsessed, stalker, mentally-deranged behavior.

Don’t liberals want to destroy any Christian business for refusing service to gays? Don’t they think government should fine them $100,000? Yet a group of gay waiters (according to the owner of the restaurant) thought it was perfectly okay to refuse service to a Republican?

What’s the difference between refusing service to a gay person, a black person, or a Republican? Isn’t hate, hate?

Even better, Democrats don’t think we have a right to enforce our own border, and our president has no right to vet people coming into America. But Democrats think they have a right to vet and deport Republicans at any business in America? Nutjobs.

Can you even imagine a white Republican restaurant owner kicking black Obama officials out of a restaurant? We’d be witnessing mass violence, rioting and anarchy on the streets of every big city in America if that ever happened

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