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Ben Boychuk asks, “Why so angry?”

Well, as the saying goes, if you aren’t angry you aren’t paying attention. They’re angry about Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and dozens of other black men who have died at the hands of police. The “consensus” among protesters, according to the San Francisco Chronicle the other day, is that “law enforcement in the U.S. is poisoned by racial bias that wounds or kills people of color and must change.”Something must change, but maybe it’s the way we think about law enforcement in general. […]

How nice it must be to see the world in such black-and-white terms. Rarely are social and political problems ever so simple. Then again, street protests rarely lend themselves to nuance. It’s tough to reason with a demonstrator playing dead in the middle of a highway, or a brick smashing through a storefront window. Shutting down Interstate 5 in San Diego or I-80 in Oakland is disruptive. But it isn’t terribly persuasive.

If you think the system is inherently racist, you aren’t paying attention. Americans distrust government institutions writ large, and the police are not exempt. […]

What’s missing here is a serious discussion – as opposed to street sloganeering – about the limits of police power. For conservatives, this is a challenge. Law and order are crucial elements of a free society. We are “a government of laws, and not of men,” as John Adams declared.

But in the 21st century, we are a government of too many laws and too many bureaucrats. We have thousands upon thousands of rules and regulations, all backed by the implicit threat of force. Our legislators send around 1,000 bills to Gov. Jerry Brown for his signature every year, many for “our own good.”

True, cops go where the criminals are. They also enforce the laws, not matter how ill-conceived, idiotic or unjust.

Ben is correct, the Three Felonies A Day approach of our Ruling Class to “administer” the hoi polloi should be the focus of our efforts. However, it needs to also be pointed out that the ‘National Day of Anger’ crowd is not interested in a limited government solution, but only after their own despots in power.

When you look at the pictures coming from the #Justice4all hashtag on Twitter, the number of signs from the usual far-left collectivist organizations, e.g. A.N.S.W.E.R., are quite (and unsurprisingly) prevalent.

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