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It wasn’t just Hannity predicting this. I saw chatter about it on Twitter, too.

Today is day 2 of ImpeachmentTV. We will hear from fired Ukraine ambassador Marie Yovanovitch. The most important thing to know is that SHE WILL CRY. She is going to cry during the hearing, she cried during the closed door tribunal star chamber. The Democrats need to add some pizzazz to their derp state pageantry and Marie is going to turn on the waterworks and add some spirit fingers. The clips of her crying will be played on the news, useless idiots in the corporate media will lament how cruel it is that the GOP made her cry, they will look righteously into the camera and then cut to clips of other corporate media tools lamenting how cruel it is that the GOP made her cry. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Devin Nunes actually brought a box of Kleenex tissues and had them positioned right to his front right in the hearings. I saw speculation that his plan was to gallantly offer Masha a tissue the moment she turned on the Made for TV waterworks.

Alas, he didn’t.

This wasn’t merely a prediction — Free Beacon reported that Democrats really wanted “Masha” there to testify not because she had facts relevant to impeachment (she admitted that she knew nothing about the phone calls or aid hold-up) but only because she cried like a little girl in her deposition, and Reality TV producer Adam Schiff thought she’d make a good cast member for his show.

But Masha did ultimately cry, as intended.

I guess Adam Schiff realized that Episode Two needed more of an emotional punch so he decided to force the issue with the Dramatic Reading of Trump’s tweet about Yavonovich, namely, that the Ukrainian foreign minister didn’t think that highly of her.

This turned the Ratings Faucet.

Which I think was the plan. I think she wasn’t crying earlier, which annoyed Pencil-Neck Schiff, but he knew she was very emotional (more emotional than one would want in an Ambassador, by the way), so he decided to push the Cry For Me Honey button with Trump’s tweet.

Oh: Jake Tapper was emotionally moved. As I assume he previously agreed he would be.

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