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Doug Ross:

In a vapid and disappointing Wall Street Journal op-ed, the editors assert that Constitutional conservatives in the Senate are facing a political backlash by threatening a filibuster on gun control.

…a faction of Republicans [including] Mike Lee of Utah and Ted Cruz of Texas … late last month said they’ll use the filibuster to prevent the Reid bill from coming to the floor. On Tuesday Minority Leader Mitch McConnell endorsed the gambit, and the Heritage Action for America PAC says it plans to “score” the filibuster as a key vote for election purposes.

In an instant, these GOP wizards have taken the onus off Senate Democrats and made Republicans the media’s gun-control focus.

The Journal is — as usual — either over-thinking the issue or simply parroting the Boehner-Rove-McCain establishment line. You make the call.

Where are their principles?

Hey, schmucks: the Constitution and Bill of Rights aren’t up for debate. Legislation developed in secret, without a deliberative process, left us with Obamacare — a disaster in every sense of the word. And that is precisely what is occurring with the Senate’s “gun control” bill.

No more “Gangs of Eight”. No more secret deals between the AFL-CIO and the Chamber of Commerce that are hidden from the American people.

The Constitution and the Bill of Rights aren’t up for election every two years with these temporary hack politicians.

Is it a winning formula to parrot losers like Reince Preibus, John McCain and John Boehner? These numb-skulls have spent more time, money and energy waging war on the Republican base than on the Marxist Left.

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