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He understands now that it’s not okay to grab women from behind and smell their hair and nuzzle them, especially if they’re like 9 years old.

See, things are changing so quickly!

Video below.

Meanwhile, Streiff from RedState tells people on the (nominal) right to stop making excuses for Biden just because they want to vote Democrat again in this election.

Okay, he didn’t say that last part — I’m saying it for him.

Because you know that’s why NeverTrumpers Kap’n Bill, Soyboy Tintin Seth Mandel, and Sarah “Rick Wilson’s Gal Friday” Rumpf are coming to the rescue of Creepy Uncle Joe.

The more interesting phenomenon is happening on the right…

Look I’m sure Biden is a nice guy, other than his grabbiness, but the fact is that Biden is about to reap what he has sown. Who was chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee when Anita Hill was allowed free rein to slander Justice Clarence Thomas? Who said Kavanaugh’s accusers should not be subject to questioning?

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