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by Matthew Boose

After the horrific massacre in Nashville, the Democratic Party is hellbent on feeding the malignant narcissism of the “trans community,” in which they see a reliable, perpetually aggrieved voter base and a tool with which to terrorize society.
This isn’t “Christian nationalism.” Virtually every institution is sending a message that murderous violence toward Christians is acceptable, or at least less bad than exposing the “trans community” to obloquy. Law enforcement is obstructing the release of the manifesto. Merrick Garland won’t call it a hate crime, and neither will Joe Biden, who apparently thinks this is all a big joke.
Like Barack Obama, who was diffident about radical Islam, Biden’s Democrats are far more concerned with backlash against a politically favored group than the fact that six people, including three children, are now dead at the hands of an anti-Christian cultist whom they encouraged.
In a truly astonishing statement, Biden’s dimwitted lesbian press secretary gave a fulsome defense of the massacre, saying the “trans community is under attack right now.”
If it wasn’t already clear, the shooter in Nashville was a Janissary, a demented footsoldier of an evil, totalitarian ideology that wishes to remake the world in its demonic image.
There is little daylight between the Wahhabist extremism of the shooter and the blasphemous maundering of Joe Biden, a “devout Catholic” who presumes to speak for the Almighty when he says that so-called transgenders are “made in the image of God.”
Biden has used the power of the state to force this twisted vision on the country, pushing “gender-affirming care” on minors and banning “conversion therapy” that would cure them of their gender dysphoria.
He is a leader in an unhinged cult that uses pseudoscience to maim children.
How ironic, now, for the cult to give lectures on the safety of children after the tragedy in Tennessee.
The massacre in Nashville is not the fault of conservatives, it is the bitter fruit of a madness that has poisoned an entire generation.
Like all totalitarian cults, the trans cult preys upon the youth, and drives a wedge between parents and their children.
It demands unyielding obedience and affirmation of its false creed, which burns with sulfurous hatred of Christians and the faith that was once the beating heart of the West.
Society is paying the price for having tiptoed around these hectoring tyrants over the past seven or eight years.
People have become too afraid to speak the truth: “trans people” need humility, not “rights.”
It is beyond the power of society to satisfy them, as their grievance is with God, not man.
What they really want is to change their nature, and to make society accept their god-like self-image.
Should we be surprised that people who think this way are turning violent? Especially now, that they have been whipped into a frenzy with apocalyptic rhetoric from the likes of Biden about their “rights?”

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