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Via the Standard, I confess that I did used to think that a multi-trillion-dollar leftist reinvention of the insurance industry would have all sorts of untoward consequences, some intentional and some not.

But then I watched Harry Reid mumble about the Koch brothers for three minutes and mine eyes were opened.

Guy Benson is virtually shaking with rage and disbelief that this tool could say this with a straight face, knowing that there are scores of reporters watching who’ve encountered genuine horror stories and could debunk him. (Start with Pulitzer winner Charles Ornstein of Pro Publica and work your way down.) But that’s another sign of a trend developing among top Democrats: The more time wears on, the more brazen and Orwellian the lies get. Why else would Sebelius have said, on camera, that the administration never chose seven million as a target for O-Care enrollment when she must have known that she herself had used that figure — also on camera? Are they just exhausted from defending the law at this point and willing to resort to nonsense no matter how easily exposed it is?

Actually, the real meta-problem for Democrats on ObamaCare that this clip exemplifies is that, from the beginning, they simply would not and could not pitch this boondoggle as amatter of trade-offs.

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