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I can understand why Chris Wallace asked this question.  Given his guest’s propensity for gaffes, such as picking the name of a dead hero as a  live Medal of Honor winnerbotching a toast to Queen Elizabeth II, discussing the high points ofthe Austrian language, and several references to a military medic as a “corpseman,” it might be hard to take the person seriously.

Oh, wait — Wallace wasn’t interviewing Barack Obama after all:


Jim Hoft calls this “awful,” but it’s just the same old double standard applied to Republicans.  We have yet to hear any serious coverage from the national media of Obama’s hundreds of gaffes while in the White House, just as we heard little of his “57 or 58 states” remark and other gaffes on the campaign trail, such as the six-month string that produced these doozies:

Did any of the national media ask Barack Obama in the summer of 2008 if he was a “flake”?

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