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Election Wizard @ElectionWiz
RICHMOND, Va. (7News) — Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin is expected to sign a bill allowing parents to opt out of school mask mandates on Wednesday afternoon.

Meanwhile, a Los Angeles County Supervisor is suddenly “following the changed science” and asking for mask mandates to be lifted — given the grotesque spectacle of everyone at the Super Bowl being unmasked, while children continue to be forced to wear masks.
Note that the state has lifted mask mandates but LA County, Virtue Signaling Capital of the World, still imposes them.

Janice Hahn @SupJaniceHahn
I want to follow the State’s lead and lift the mask mandates.
I believe we are beginning to lose the trust of the people. We already saw thousands of people flagrantly violate LA County’s mask mandate at the Super Bowl.

The Science (TM) has changed, you see.
And so have The Optics (TM).

And so have The Attack Ads (TM).

Incredibly, LA County is maintaining the charade — they’ll require proof of vaccination or a negative covid antigen test the Super Bowl victory rally.
After allowing 100,000 people to ignore the rules at the Super Bowl.
Biden’s Covid Surrender Squad announces “we’re moving towards a time when Covid isn’t a crisis,” and says that Brandon and his crack team, one of whom actually funded the virus’s creation, is “planning for this future.”
He also claims they’ve had “progress.”
This is the Tepid Pivot. They’re not telling Karen to grow up and drop the Identity Hysterics yet, but are signaling that some time in the future, they might.

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