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by Ace

A lot of complaining in Virginia about the highways being impassable, and emergency vehicles failing to rescue people literally snowbound for hours.

Nearly 50 mile stretch of I-95 in Virginia is shut down this morning. Some drivers say they’ve been stuck for over 10 hours!– JoeyLive5 (@JoeySovine) January 4, 2022

John Rogers
@JohnRogers8NewsWe’ve been getting calls from people stranded on I-95 for up to 16 HOURS!!
People running out of gas and food while stuck in awful backups lasting for miles and miles.
We’ll be covering it all this morning on @8NEWS


Enter fat failure and comfort-craving weakling softbelly liberal Jonah Goldberg.

For instance, Jonah Goldberg, who we have been reliably told is a truuuue conservative or something, said on Twitter that “If I was Glenn Youngkin I’d be flooding the zone to get this I-95 crap fixed. DC suburbs are vengeful about this kind of thing.”

I’m glad that RedState quoted that, because I didn’t think to screencap it, and the Coward Weakling Jonah has now deleted it.

Screenshot (1153).png

Nice save, Jonah. You’re so funny, you’re able to effortlessly turn a humiliating error that exposes you as an on-the-payroll leftist shill into a humorous, charming moment by using 2005-era slang like “baller.”

I know why he claimed that Youngkin was governor — because other leftwingers, the only people he trusts, were making that claim on Twitter, the only platform he reads.
How long would it have taken you to actually confirm who the governor is of the state right next to the District you live in, Jonah? Two seconds?

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