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by Ace

This is not America.

You are a threat.

Your capital has been seized.

The next step, of course, is the “denazification” camps they’ve been talking about for months.

The Biden Department of Defense will be keeping National Guard Troops in Washington, D.C. until at least mid-March in part because of a little known QAnon conspiracy theory that could spur another storming of the Capitol, a House Democrat suggested on Wednesday.

He claims — bafflingly — that because some inaugurations were held in early March, now all of a sudden March is when that “armed insurrection” will finally happen.

Smith claimed that there was one way the government would feel comfortable de-escalating and ending Martial Law in the capital: It would just be necessary for every Republican to Swear an Oath of Certification and claim that there were no problems and no rigging in the election:

“If you want to know what’s driving the threat environment, it would be helpful if every single elected official and person in a position of power in this country publicly acknowledged that Joe Biden was the duly elected president in a free and fair election,” Smith said.

You know what also might deescalate things? If Democrat politicians stopped talking up “debaathifcation” camps and “Truth and Reconciliation Committees” and the need to launch drone strikes against American internal exiles.

But nah, they’re not going to do that.

This rather gives it away that this is not a “security” emergency, but rather a political one, and they’re willing to used the fucking armed forces to force people into repeating their political cult doctrines.

Deb Heine notes that this scumbag — currently head of the Armed Services Committee — showed his dedication to the troops by joining traitor Adam Schiff in smearing the Benghazi witnesses — the fighters who defended the Annex — as “liars.”

Meanwhile, an anonymous government source leaks word to the AP — to prepare the public by slowly turning up the heat to boiling — that the razor-wired-topped fences around the Military District of Columbia will be up until September.

U.S. Capitol Police officials told congressional leaders the razor-wire topped fencing around the Capitol should remain in place for several more months as law enforcement continues to track threats against lawmakers, a person familiar with the matter told The Associated Press on Thursday.

The police officials suggested that the fence remain in place until September, in part because investigators are tracking continuing threats against lawmakers and the Capitol complex, the person said. The threats range in specificity and credibility, but they include online chatter about extremist groups potentially returning to Washington and to the Capitol in the coming weeks, the person told AP.

It’s called Power Projection. Now that the Neocons and Clinton/Obama Deep State have had their military adventurism powers put in check, they’re bringing Power Projection to America.

To fight the real enemy: Us.

And as I’ve said, the Corporate Uniparty will not be putting limiting rules of engagement on the their troops in the war against us.

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