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by Sam J.

If you ever really want to know how stupid Blue Twitter is look no further than this ridiculous tweet with 366k likes on it.

Oh wait, this gets dumber …

So while Biden was supposedly tweeting about how important masks are (you know, to dunk on the guy who just climbed two flights of stairs after being released from the hospital), this picture was being taken. Now, we all know Obama bros are running Biden’s account but this timing couldn’t have been worse.

Or better.

Note, Trump was ‘home’ when he took his mask off.

Trump was BY HIMSELF when he took his mask off.

Joe is hanging out with a group of people without a mask and without social distancing. You’d think if this were truly as big a deal as he pretends he thinks it is that he’d be in a mask 24/7 and at least six feet from other people who are not wearing one.

And there’s more!

Seeing a pattern here, Sleepy Joe.

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