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Marybeth Glenn:

Here’s a quick recap on the group that was lucky enough to avoid Donald Trump.

Rick Perry:

Rick came out strong, and remained strong throughout the debate, speaking to the growth and strength of Texas under his leadership.

Perry mentioned that the debate on Illegal Immigration has been going on for far too long, and that the people want action. TRUTH! Noted that no one on either stage has the experience he has with the border. However, he avoided the fact that we need to deal with illegal immigrants currently in the United States.

Perry on the Iran deal, “The first thing I will do is tear up that agreement with Iran!”

Rick Santorum:

Santorum started weak, and ended on the same note. He spoke out in support of work requirements and time limits on entitlements, as well as spoke against same sex marriage. Those were the two main topics to immediately jump start a frenzy on Twitter.

Santorum fails to impress:

“The reason America is a great country, the reason is because our compassion is in our laws,” Santorum said in response to a question asking whether he would separate illegal immigrant families.

He had a few good moments, but nothing memorable.

Carly Fiorina:

Carly remained incredibly strong throughout the debate, she began by reminding everyone that Trump was once a supporter of Single Payer Insurance. It is difficult to even pinpoint a weak spot. She articulated our need for a stronger foreign policy due to cyber attacks, which hit a nerve considering the news hit of a Pentagon hack mere hours before the debate. If she had a weak point, I would say that she didn’t seize the opportunity to speak on the news of the Russian cyber attack specifically. All in all, very strategic use of current events (for the most part), and many on Twitter responded positively.

Fiorina on Iran,”Obama broke every deal of negotiation.” She continued, “When America does not lead, the world is a dangerous and tragic place.”

Bobby Jindal:

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