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As mentioned yesterday, the poor Democrats on the Judiciary Committee cannot move the remaining Biden judicial picks to a full floor vote, as it takes a majority vote to move them out of committee. Dianne Feinstein, the 89-year-old demented California Senator, is still absent with complications arising from shingles, all of which is exactly what you’d expect of the Party of Youth. (I stole that from, I think, Instapundit.)

Without Feinstein, Democrats and Republicans have equal votes on the committee.

The Democrats want the GOP to allow them to replace Feinstein with a temporary Substitute Senator, so they can start ramming these extremely unqualified judges through. Committee assignments are voted on at the beginning of a congressional term, and are meant to continue throughout the term. To make a change in committee assignments requires a full floor vote the Senate, and that vote can be filibustered.

So Dick Durbin is asking GOP Senators to vote with Democrats to end the filibuster so they can put another awful leftwinger on the Committee, and then ram through these picks on party-line votes.

Note that most of Biden’s awful judiciary picks have been voted through, many with, of course, GOP support. But the ones that remain have been stuck in committee for a reason– they’re the worst and most unqualified DEI nominees.

And Durbin actually dares to demand the GOP help him in this scheme.

From Business Insider:

“It just boils down to this — tomorrow this could happen to the Republicans, and they could find themselves in a vulnerable position through no fault of their own,” he told a group of reporters, including NBC News, on Capitol Hill. “I hope that they’ll show a little kindness and caring for their colleague. She’s in a delicate part of her life and her Senate service and they should stand by her and give her a dignified departure from the committee.””She is obviously sensitive to the fact that her absence has an impact on the committee,” he continued. “I think we can take care of this issue, do it very quickly, and I hope we can find 10 Republicans who will join us in that effort.”

Ed Morrissey points out that Dick Durbin was an architect of the Democrats’ scheme to filibuster the nomination of Miguel Estrada to the DC Court of Appeals, for no reason except that he was a young, attractive Hispanic with a great record and solid-gold credentials who would one day be a lock for appointment to the Supreme Court.

So this request is particularly obnoxious coming from him.

“When Hell freezes over,” responded Ted Cruz to the request.

Wait, wait — that wasn’t Ted Cruz. That was Mitt Romney.

NBC “News:”

“They’d like Republicans to help them speed the appointment of more liberal justices? Yes — when hell freezes over,” he said.

Even liberal John Cornyn refused the Call of Decency from Durbin.

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