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Thread by Rich Baris

While DEM @SpeakerPelosi consistently has the highest “very unfavorable” rating, GOP Senate @LeaderMcConnell has been the single most unpopular congressional leader for more than a year.
Nobody likes him. GOP voters can’t stand him.
This is his highest favorable yet.

Last month, only 10.4% of Republicans had a “very favorable” opinion of GOP @LeaderMcConnell. The month prior, only 6.7% of Republicans had a “very favorable” opinion of him.
Independents hate his guts.
He is the single biggest obstacle for the party obtaining new coalitions

What’s the major difference between an unpopular DEM leader such as @SpeakerPelosi and @LeaderMcConnell?
Meaning, why doesn’t she hurt DEMS as much as she did, despite such a high “very unfavorable”?

Her own party doesn’t hate her guts like Republicans hate McConnell.

In the Fall 2021, more Democrats actually had a “very favorable” opinion of @LeaderMcConnell than Republicans!
No kidding. In fact, it’s often very close because that’s how unpopular he is among voters he purports to represent.
Even Republicans in his own state dislike him.

Now, it’s fair to ask: “How does @LeaderMcConnell keep getting re-elected if he’s so unpopular with voters”?
Pre-Trump, he survived B/C he’s a very dirty fighter.
But he would’ve lost this time if Trump didn’t save him. Ditto @LindseyGrahamSC.

Yet, they backstab him.
That said, Donald Trump is not a politician and has yet to learn what Republican voters already know, which is this:
Don’t ever expect anything else from these politicians. GOP pols like McConnell and Graham have been backstabbing voters for years.
And they hate them for it.
Lastly, it’s worth pointing out @LeaderMcConnell and Senate Republicans owed their majority to Donald Trump from the jump in 2016.
He later singlehandedly saved it in 2018.
Republicans lost it in Georgia the minute they no longer had him to lean on.
B/C they’re losers.


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