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By Shipwreckedcrew

If 2020 stands, this is just the beginning, not the end of what the next generation of Democrats has planned.

Understand that the next generation of the Democrat party has been raised on the idea that opposition to their ideas is illegitimate – it cannot be acknowledged or engaged.  Opposition to “critical race theory” is racist.  Opposition to mainstreaming LBGTQ lifestyle decisions is homophobic.

Attaining the political power necessary to stamp out opposing views is a necessary step towards a fascist state that does not tolerate opposing views.

Hiden Barris will be ineffectual from a legislative standpoint, and I expect Mitch McConnell to allow open judgeships in the Circuit Courts to go unfilled.  There will be no expansion of the Supreme Court, and a 6-3 conservative majority, with a much more conservative set of Circuit Courts of Appeal, will prevent too much leftward shift.

But we will once again see an aggressive administrative state, headed by the EPA and Civil Rights Division of DOJ.  Other civil litigation components of DOJ will try to accomplish through “lawfare” what the Democrats in Congress cannot accomplish through legislation.

But what they will really be planning is targeting of GOP Senators up for re-election in 2022, and then the Presidential election of 2024.

Defeating Donald Trump – if they pull it off – will merely prove how far their election rigging can go without consequence.  The past is prologue in this instance.

Pat Toomey might as well start thinking about his post-Senate career given that his next re-election campaign will have to go through vote-counting in Philadelphia.

If the Democrats can hold onto the House, their collection of Senators up in the 2022 cycle is pretty safe.  Democrats will be up for re-election in the following states:









New Hampshire

New York




It looks like every one of those states is going to be won by Joe Biden – maybe not Arizona.

There probably is not a vulnerable Democrat Senator on the list – the GOP is going to have to search for a candidate in Arizona.

The Republicans, on the other hand, have two potentially vulnerable incumbents – Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania and Ron Johnson in Wisconsin.  They also have at least one open seat in North Carolina to try to hold onto, and it’s possible that Chuck Grassley will not seek re-election.

The Democrat path to a Senate Majority in 2022 might run right through Philadelphia and Milwaukee again.

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