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by Ace

Greene called Pelosi a “mentally-ill Nazi” for refusing to lift mask requirements.
She did go a bit further:

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green went after Pelosi for ‘abuse’ she compared to the gas chambers and Jews in Nazi Germany being required to wear the star of David

Overwrought? Sure, but so fucking what? 99% of the discourse in this country is overwrought.
Strange that only some people have their speech endlessly patrolled for the least overstatement.
The same GOP that can’t say shit about the illegal political prisons the left is running is all about #cancelling someone for making a dime-a-dozen Holocaust comparison.
So of course the pseudoright has to immediately do the left’s bidding:



Of course it wouldn’t be a Memorial Day Cuck-Out without toughguy Dan Crenshaw virtue signaling to the left.

Dan Crenshaw announces, again, his bid to run for President… of the MSNBC Green Room.
These guys keep a civil tongue about brother-marrying, Immigration-defrauding Ilhan Omar, but when they see a chance to appease their Corporate Left masters by attacking someone on the right, boy zowie do they go for it with gusto.

Weird how when the left tells these cvcks to denounce something, they race to comply, but when we’ve demanded they say ONE FUCKING THING ABOUT ILLEGAL POLITICAL PRISONS, AND WE’VE DEMANDED THAT FOR FIVE FUCKING MONTHS, they make themselves quiet and small like cvcks in the closet watching their wives take it soooo good.

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