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Thread via Glenn Greenwald

The issue isn’t so much NBC and CNN failed to cover the materials in the Hunter Biden laptop about *Joe Biden’s* business activities in Ukraine and China (though that’s true).
The main issue is that both networks repeatedly *lied* about it by calling it “Russian disinformation.”

I’ll never stop talking about this and don’t care if it’s annoying.
This is a huge journalistic scandal: almost every major news outlet ratified an outright lie to manipulate the 2020 election and – to this day – not one of them, not one, has apologized, explained or retracted.

This is why I say – and I mean – that these corporate news outlets and their employees deserve your deep contempt.
They constantly lecture everyone about “disinformation,” about “big lies”, etc. They’re the biggest liars of all, with zero accountability.

I promise you: if you talk to @HuffPost’s political reporters and editors, they really believe they’re the good guys, fighting disinformation, etc. etc.
Right before the election, they produced this Biden *campaign video* based an on outright CIA lie:👇

Every time I say this – these corporate news outlets deserve your hatred and contempt – people in these outlets, including friends, DM me, upset.
But tell me: how can you justify this? Everyone knows this was a CIA lie. Yet *not one of you* has admitted you broadcast lies.

And let me add: it wasn’t when NYT and WP finally “confirmed” the authenticity of the Hunter laptop did it become clear this was a CIA lie.
It was clear from the start. This is what I said on Rogan’s show on 10/29/20: the day before I quit The Intercept:


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