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Erika Johnsen @ Hot Air

Gotta’ love Rudy Giuliani’s honest commentary — no cowardly mincing of words for this guy. Soledad O’Brien tries to challenge him on his uncomortable-for-the-Obama-administration version of events and indict his use of “coverup” as too harsh a term, but he’s just not having it:

The coverup of Benghazi is startling. … I mean, the reality is, he said, ‘We didn’t know they were asking for more security.’ Where the heck was he? I mean, they were demanding more security, they were begging for more security. … Who put Susan Rice on, the State Department or the political people? That was a political appearance on CNN. So, what they’re really trying to do is, they’re trying to run out the clock. They’re going to have this investigation, investigation will be after the debate, after the election is over. So what they’re trying to do is cover up this scandal as much as possible. … Am I debating with the president’s campaign? I mean, the defense of the president is overwhelming. Pretty amazing… Susan Rice goes out there, four days after, says this was a spontaneous demonstration. It clearly wasn’t. There was information, both in the State Department and in the White House, that it wasn’t. There was no protest in advance. This sounds like a coverup. If this weren’t a Democratic president, I think you people would be going crazy.

As Giuliani points out, the reality of what happened in Benghazi is just the tiniest bitinconvenient for Team Obama’s “I have killed bin Laden, quelled the tide of terrorism, and effectively ended the wars in the Mideast” foreign-policy narrative. The decision to deploy Susan Rice to spin a more politically-conducive tale to the public was just the start of the White House’s attempt to hide/distract from the true extent of the damage here and the several fronts on which the administration failedto address concerns — and yet, the Obama campaign has enough brazen contempt to claim that the “entire reason” the Benghazi attack is an issue is because Team Romney is making it “political.” Pot, meet kettle.

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