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Military news outlet runs op-ed by retired Marine lieutenant colonel saying why Americans need to offer up their children to the neocons in Washington

Joe Plenzler, a retired combat decorated Marine lieutenant colonel who served as the strategic advisor for communication to three successive Commandants of the Marine Corps from 2010 to 2015, penned an op-ed at last week in which he called for a “limited military draft.”

Plenzler says “It’s time to change how our country fills the ranks of our military.”

I get it. The military is unable to even come close to meeting its targets for recruitment, off by 20 to 30 percent in every branch except the Marines, which is struggling as well but might just barely make its goals this year.

My guess is that the last thing Biden would do is reinstate the draft now, given that we are entering an election year. But with the neoconservative warmongers who run Washington itching to get into a war with Russia, they will definitely need a draft soon and are probably planning to start one up shortly after the November 2024 election.

Plenzler notes that today, the military needs only about 160,000 youth from an eligible population of 30 million to meet its recruitment needs. But after two decades of war — both of which he admits ended unsuccessfully — and low unemployment, “many experts believe the all-volunteer force has reached a breaking point. And American confidence in its military is at a low.”

He says the fastest and most effective way to resolve this recruiting crisis is to change how we recruit.

Instead of an “either an all-volunteer force or a fully conscripted force” model, he proposes a hybrid solution.

Plenzler writes:

“We should have our military recruiters sign up new troops for 11 months out of the year, and then have the Selective Service draft the delta between the military’s needs and the total number recruited. This model would alleviate the incredible pressure on our recruiters, lower the cost of finding new troops, and significantly reduce the much decried civilian-military gap by subjecting all of America’s youth — rich and poor — to the possibility of military service via the draft.”

Thank you for your prior service, Lt. Col. Plenzler, but this sounds to me like a bait and switch that most of us dads and granddads aren’t falling for. No, not again.

The rich will always find ways to shield their kids from the draft. Just because you devise a new method of drafting young people does not guarantee that it will be more fair or equitable.

And it certainly doesn’t solve the real issue of why young people no longer want to join the military, making for such “incredible pressure” on your military recruiters.

They don’t want to join up because our military has been placed under the leadership of craven fools with an allegiance, not to American interests but to anti-American globalists. These same globalists and their butt-kissing yes-men in the military have feminized the armed forces, they have lowered morale by purging patriotic warriors, and they have invited in LGBTQ people who are mentally unstable, then promoted those same mentally unstable ones up the ladder in order to fill a quota even though they are the least qualified in the ranks to be military leaders.

The government used to play the “patriotic” card in recruiting young people but now that same government has branded red-blooded patriots as “extremists,” “white nationalists,” and “potential terrorists.” So they can’t stir the patriotism within young men to get them to sign up — to do this would simply fill the ranks of the military with the very type of men that Obama and Biden have been trying to root out.

Biden’s death vax mandate has also opened the eyes of millions of young people. You join our army, navy or air force and you must let us shoot whatever experimental drug we want into your bodies.

The message? You being in our “service” means we own your body, no questions asked. Well, that doesn’t play well among today’s youth, and why should it?

The final and perhaps most important reason why patriotic young people no longer see the military as an attractive career option is because of corrupt U.S. foreign policy that seeks to stir up conflict around the world that is not in the U.S. national interest, making enemies where no enemies need to be made and often reneging on promises made to friends.

Expect more retired military to come out of the woodwork like Lt. Col. Plenzler, offering their two cents on why we need to re-start the draft. They forget what an unmitigated disaster that was the last time we tried it.

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