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by M Dowling

The district attorney in Fulton County is conducting a wide-ranging, dysfunctional investigation of Donald Trump’s alleged efforts to overturn the election in Georgia. Donald Trump believes the election was illegitimate and wants to find the truth to back up that belief. The District Attorney is also trying to create a crime to prosecute alternate electors.
The probe is so dysfunctional that the judge scolded the District Attorney. The press, for its part, is ignoring the facts of the case. They are so eager to send Republicans, especially Donald Trump, to prison, they don’t care about the truth at all.
A grand jury is meeting in Georgia to consider prosecuting [and imprisoning] Donald Trump. They are examining the efforts Donald Trump allegedly took to pressure or threaten Brian Kemp and Brad Raffensperger to overturn election results.
Both Kemp and Raffensperger were compelled to testify. In any case, Donald Trump can’t possibly get a fair trial in Fulton County where voters overwhelmingly vote for Democrats.
Raffensperger thought Donald Trump threatened him. On the other hand, Donald Trump believed the election was stolen, and wanted Raffensperger to re-examine the results.
A tape is at the center of the case and was leaked by Raffensperger to The Washington Post.
The “threatening” tape:

An issue that made Raffensperger look bad was a deal he made with Stacey Abrams. He worked closely with Stacey Abrams and the DNC on the rules of the election after Raffensperger settled a lawsuit with her.
Stacey Abrams’ organization Fair Fight pushed through legislation that compelled Georgia to accept email absentee ballot applications. In addition, the verification process in the email ballot applications was weakened. They did it through a lawsuit settlement with Raffensperger.
The Democrats sent absentee ballots to everyone imaginable, unsolicited. Many saw it as an invitation to corruption.
The Democratic Party also demanded absurdly complicated procedures to reject a ballot because of voter signature discrepancies. This together with the massive increase in absentee ballots created a situation where ballot applications and ballots were just not verified. It appeared dysfunctional.
The lawsuit settlement in March required more thorough procedures before election officials can reject a ballot because of voter signature discrepancies. The settlement stipulates that a majority of the county officials reviewing the absentee ballots must not only agree that the signatures don’t match but that they also must compare the signature with all the signatures that they have on file.
Raffensperger continued the practices that encouraged ballot stuffing, such as adding drop boxes. Early voting and mail-in balloting with the same lack of security was extended. People wondered why he was working with Abrams.
Since then, Gov. Kemp has significantly tightened up voting in the state of Georgia.
The grand jury is also looking at another issue. They want to know whether people showing up as alternate electors if something went wrong is a crime.
That’s not a crime. The alternate electors didn’t go to Congress and Congress didn’t record their names.
No one took them seriously. At most, it’s a thought crime. There is no crime.

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