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by Sundance

Just a short follow-up for those who are following along.  Those who control the strings on the corporate puppets have gone beyond showing the visible strings; we the audience are now easily able to see their hands.

In the latest Politico article, citing the potential debate between Governor Gavin Newsom and Governor Ron DeSantis, you will note the following:

Yes, the commonality for the venue is Georgia.

It was always going to be thus, because this nonsense is following a script.  Perhaps now you see why I wrote this entire article about how Georgia plays a key role in the 2024 election {GO DEEP}, and subsequently predicted the venue for the insufferable pantomime would be… wait for it, Georgia {SEE HERE}.

Politico, again playing the role of usher for the audience as they prepare the stage, then does a follow-up article, snarking at DeSantis:

[…] The two sides’ proposed rules detail a number of similarities. They both agree on Hannity being the lone moderator, a 90-minute run time, equally divided speaking time and two minutes of closing statements.  Between the two governors’ proposals, Nov. 8 is the only date in common, while Georgia is the only location in common. (link

Quite frankly, all of this pretending is starting to become rather tiresome.

The entire right side of the conservative political punditry are pretending they have no idea what is happening in the 2024 election, as if they are still pretending Ron DeSantis was on a “book tour.”   Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Glenn Beck, National Review, Ben Shapiro, Dave Ruben, The Blaze, The Daily Wire, TownHall, The Washington Free Beacon, Clay Travis, Western Journal, Newsmax, Buck Sexton, Legal Insurrection, the entire network of right-side alternative media, all of them, acting as ushers toward a grand pretending performance that is built around bulls**t.

When the internet shadow-banning system is triggered later this year, all of the above will remain visible and supported by the regime.  Remember that; these outlets/voices are deemed not a threat to ‘national security.’ Only the non-pretending outlets, platforms and voices are going to be targeted.  More on that later.

Those who control the illusion of choice have to proceed with the planning as if the objective to remove candidate Donald Trump will succeed.

That sets up Joe Biden to announce withdrawal due to medical issues.

The state they will choose for this Newsom -v- DeSantis debate venue is easy, Georgia.

Nothing is a coincidence.

Throughout our analysis of the preferred ’24 outcome, by those in the background who ultimately seek to control elections through the activity of front men, those artfully skilled at presenting the illusion of choice, it has always looked like the RNC/DNC preferred presentation was a Ron DeSantis -v- Gavin Newsom (win/win) contest.

The landscape of the ’24 election would then be reduced to “social issues” as distinctions between the two faces of the contest, while the economics of things – the substantive part – carries a far lesser contrast. An almost identical replay to the attempted 2016 construct of Hillary -v- Jeb.

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