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Daily Mail

Melania Trump is reportedly trapped inside her hotel room as rioters firebomb a police station and set cars and buildings alight in the German city of Hamburg, where world leaders are holding crunch talks today.

Police have called for reinforcements after tens of thousands of protesters descended on Hamburg, causing chaos.

The first lady  is reportedly trapped inside her hotel room and some world leaders were late arriving to the G20 summit because of the protests.

Her husband, President Donald Trump, was forced to take a detour because of the widespread disorder.

Shocking footage shows smoke billowing from vehicles as the city hosting the G20 summit looked like a warzone.

German police confirmed this morning that the police station had been targeted by ‘perpetrators of violence’, as thousands of officers flood the streets anticipating violent demonstrations.

It comes after more than 70 people were injured in clashes between riot police and anti-capitalists last night, with a march named ‘Welcome to Hell’ descending into chaos.

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