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A new poll finds that a very large number of American Muslims feel that sharia law is better than US law. And most consider themselves to be a member of the Democrat Party–a party that not surprisingly also has little interest in the US Constitution.

The poll of American Muslims was taken this June for The Center for Security Policy and here are some of the Poll’s findings:

When asked how they define “sharia,” 71 percent essentially see sharia as a guide for all aspects of a Muslim’s life, one more important than the US way of life or US law.

When asked if sharia should replace the Constitution only 43 percent said no and an astounding 33 percent said yes. So, when asked straight on a small majority shied from saying the want the Constitution replaced with sharia.

But American Muslims came closer to how they really feel when they were asked if they thought Muslims in the USA should be judged under US law. Only 30 percent said that US courts should be first and foremost as the place for adjudicating legal matters while 51 percent said that they should be allowed to ignore US law and be free to use their own sharia courts instead.

Again, 51 percent agreed that US Muslims should be allowed to choose sharia courts over US law. This is astounding and shows that a large number of Muslims don’t have any vested interested in the American way of life and feel that Islam should replace American law.

Worse these people saw no conflict between sharia and US law, either. An amazing 60 percent said that sharia is no different than US law and further felt that sharia is compatible with the US Constitution.

Fortunately, these same America Muslims said they didn’t yet feel that violence against Americans and American laws was justified. But how long can they feel this way if they think that they shouldn’t have to live under US law here in the US? With the attitude that US law is not important to them, this is a pre-radicalized position that one would think would eventually become a move to violence as they seek to get their way in what they’ll claim is an exercise in “democracy.”

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