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by Sundance

For years, decades even, we have watched as European cultural elites, rich white people, literally chose to accept a path to their own inevitable destruction.

Yet now, even as stores are looted, buildings that withstood World War II are destroyed, and rampant violent mayhem erupts, we are supposed to pretend this had something to do with a 17-year-old named Nahel Marzouk who was shot dead by French police for trying to use his vehicle to kill them.

Twitter account put together video from recent events in Europe, transposed with a speech given by Enoch Powell 55-years-ago, to highlight the insufferable cultural marxist pretending that is now rampant. {Direct Rumble Link}. Watch closely and see the future of the United States. WATCH:

[Full “Rivers of Blood” Speech Here – YouTube]
[FRANCE] – … “France burnt for a fifth night as rioters rampaged through major cities, torching cars and trashing buildings – prompting the drastic deployment of French special forces in an attempt to stop the mayhem from escalating. 

Up to 7,000 police were deployed into Paris overnight – joining a nationwide force of 45,000 officers – as the civil unrest deepened following the killing of Merzouk.

The worst trouble overnight on Saturday to Sunday was in Marseille, where police fired tear gas and fought street battles with youths around the city centre late into the night. A beefed-up police contingent arrested 55 people there.

In Paris, police increased security on the Champs Elysees and on the Rue de Rivoli after calls on social media to gather there.

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