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As someone asked, when did Jonah Goldberg become a werewolf? Does he think tat the facial hair hides the weight gain?

Um: Dude, people naturally “see through” facial hair to get an estimate of jowl and neck size. If you want to camouflage your massive weight gain, stick to your little-sampled podcast.

And why his face so red? Healthy men do not get beet-red faces from merely sitting down and squeezing into last year’s pants.

His blood pressure looks like it’s Cat 5.

Chris Wallace reflexes attacks anyone who criticizes the press. He’s been doing this for a long, long time. He’s got a tribe and he wants to be a fat, old warrior for it.

But the press’ main mission is not reportage and has not been for a long, long time. Its main mission is critique. Criticizing. Attacking.

There is not a single industry in America the press doesn’t attack routinely.

And yet, whenever anyone dares to critique the industry that spends all fucking day critiquing everyone else, they begin shrieking that Critique Is Dangerous And You’re Putting Lives At Risk.

If Trump were to claim that criticizing his coronavirus response was dangerous becuase it undermined confidence in the government’s recommendations, the press would, of course (and rightly), object that this is a transparent and foul attempt to stigmatize fair criticism and commentary by claiming that criticism and commentary are dangerous and, by implication, anti-American.

But the press itself makes this argument itself every single time it is criticized.

“When you attack the press, you’re giving license to third-world tyrants to kill journlists!”

“When you attack the press, you’re creating a Climate of Hate against American journalists!”

“When you attack the press, you are Destroying America by attacking the Common Shared Narrative (created by the press, of course) that binds us together.”


“It is just disgusting that Kayleigh McEnany would tell the press to do its job. This is unnacceptable. This is unamerican.

I’d like to ask Chris Wallace a few questions, if a citizen is still allowed to ask his Media Masters questions:

1. Why is the press the only institution in America which cannot be challenged or critiqued?

2. If critiquing institutions is dangerous and it undermines their credibility, why does the press critique critical institutions like the government, the military, etc.

3. Why is the press the one industry in America that is not helped by sunlight and criticism but threatened by it? If criticizing the press puts the lives of “journalists” in danger, does the press’ nonstop attacks on the Trump Administration not likewise put Trump Administration officials’ lives in danger?

Did you not think of that, or are you just sort of… intrigued by that possible outcome?


4. The only people who seem to be permited to criticize the press are the press’ own minions, like Brian Stelter. This is like saying that only Baghdad Bob may criticize Saddam Hussein.

If the press refuses to criticize and correct itself, then they’ve deputized the rest of us to do that job for them.

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