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by Ace

This guy straight-up lied when he said that he had not even considered whether the government should force girls to compete in sports with men.

He also claimed that antifa couldn’t be a domestic terrorist organization because they only set fire to federal buildings at night.

Graham, Grassley, Tillis and Cornyn — all Usual Suspects — defected to the Democrats, as usual.

Jim Sciutto
New: Senate Judiciary has voted to send AG nomination of Merrick Garland to the full Senate for a vote

Vote was 15-7. Senators Grassley, Cornyn, Tillis and Graham joined Democrats voting Yes.

Republicans Lee, Cruz, Sasse, Hawley, Cotton, Kennedy, & Blackburn voted No

They all need to get along with their frenz in the Senate.

Strangely, this favors-for-frenz policy never works to advance any conservative nominees or legislation.

They recruit our senators as assets and agents. Our own senators, of course, do not recruit them.

They know what side they’re on. It’s only “our” representatives who are unsure of what side they’re on.

I’m so sick of Charles Grassley publicizing his Strongly Worded Letters to Democrat AG’s like Holder and then doing absolutely nothing to actually stop or punish the corruption.

Just more letters. More letters from this senile, 80-year-old letter-writing crank.’

He “demands” documents and answers; they say “Fuck you, old man.” He does nothing. Except release his letters to the public, and saps like me post them, as if these are Heroic Letters.

They’re not. They’re impotent ankle-bitings from a decrepit old man with no fight left in him. They’re not demands; they’re pitiful beggary.

And here he goes, supporting White Eric Holder.

Merrick Garland lied, under oath, right into Chuck Grassley’s face. And Grassley is supporting him anyway.

So yeah, Chuck: No, no one’s going to be publishing or praising your Strongly Written Letters to him in the future. You already showed him he can commit perjury in his own nomination hearings and you’ll still support him.

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