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by Ace

He says that Biden’s “diplomatic mission” was just a cover story for his real reason for the Ukraine trip, which was influence peddling and helping Hunter collect money for the Biden Crime Family.

And he was Obama’s stenographer. No, I don’t mean he worked for the propaganda media. I mean he was the guy assigned to officially jot down whatever the president, or vice president, said.

So he was in a position to observe Joe Biden’s meetings and conversations in Ukraine.

He claims he has delivered information to the FBI and the US Attorney investigating covering up Hunter Biden’s crimes, and says the information should lead to impeachment or imprisonment.

A former Obama administration staffer is blowing the whistle on the Biden family’s business dealings, accusing President Biden of being involved in a “kickback scheme” in connection with his son Hunter’s overseas business dealings while he was vice president.Mike McCormick, a stenographer for the White House for 15 years, told “Fox & Friends First” the FBI has been ignoring his alarms on the matter despite his willingness to testify under oath before the federal grand jury investigating Hunter.

Covering up for Hunter Biden?! That doesn’t sound like the FBI I know!

“In February, I went to the FBI and filed one of their tips on their website. If you do that, and you’re lying to them, you go to jail. I’m not lying. I’m telling the truth, and I’m not going to jail,” McCormick said Thursday. “Joe Biden is a criminal. He was conducting malfeasance in office to enrich his family. Jake Sullivan is a conspirator in that, and there’s more… Obama officials involved in it, I believe.”McCormick, who worked with Biden from 2011 to 2017, detailed a key dialogue involving the vice president, aide Jake Sullivan and the press on Air Force Two before a trip to Kyiv, Ukraine, on April 21, 2014.

Sullivan, who is the current national security adviser, outlined in a White House transcript Biden’s priorities for his trip to the country, which included U.S. investment in the Ukrainian energy sector days after Hunter joined the board of Burisma, according to the New York Post.

Months later, and well after the trip, Congress allocated $50 million to Ukraine’s energy market.

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