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i wish I could link the tweet for you — but he’s deleted it.


It used to be the tweet that led to this genius “serious question.”

Update: Now he’s deleted his “serious question,” too.


…which sounds like a very bad Emo Philips joke, delivered by Nick Nolte on the sixth day of a detox dry-out.

Has this guy been partying with Andrew Gillum and HoneyHammock?

He started celebrating, immediately, that the Dow had a brief small fall. He claimed it was due to Trump’s speech — Without Evidence, as CNN would say.

As the Dow zoomed higher and higher, his grave-dancing tweet appeared premature.

So he just deleted it. He didn’t explain why. He just zapped it, and hoped no one noticed.

Well, I did.

After deleting his tweet, he shifted tactics: He now acknowledge the markets were rising, but claimed this was because Trump was passing out various undeserved goodies to corporations:

If you weren’t sure that was Roberts’ intent, he then made it more clear when he retweeted Chris Hayes saying that Trump was just trying to “pump up” the market:

It finished +9.36%, plus 1,985.00 points.

When the market was (briefly) down, it was a “news” story for traitorous propagandist Jim Roberts — a negative story for Trump.

Then it went up, and he deleted his prior tweet.

Then it went up still further, and he started painting the market’s rise as a different news story — but also a negative story for Trump.

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