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He whines about the “phony outrage” and demands that the GOP start listening to experts– even as CNN trots out an ignorant teenager who has already quit school to lecture us about things she hasn’t studied.

Anderson Cooper ended Thursday’s latest CNN coronavirus town hall with an emotion-driven, hypocritical, and sophomoric rant complaining about “the phony online outrage machine,” after CNN received widespread blowback for having climate change activist Greta Thunberg as a guest. This was despite the town hall’s billing of facts, science, and part of the show title having the phrase Facts and Fears.

Sounding more like a perturbed tween, Cooper took cheap shots at Donald Trump Jr., well-intentioned observers, and news outlets like Forbes and the New York Post. Since CNN’s entire existence under Jeffrey Zucker has been churning out phony outrage, peddling lies, and hatred for those not on their team, this meltdown was rich.

And aside from the fact that CNN was not a serious news organization, Cooper shot himself in the foot by peddling the liberal media-wide narrative that the President should “liberate the scientists” and slink into the background. In other words, the line “listen to the scientists” doesn’t apply to Zuckerville.

Video at the link.

Unbelievably, CNN is running this add of a 17-year-old drop-out telling people we need to stop listening to know-nothings.


Is this a joke? Am I on Punk’d?

Where’s the camera?

Via Tim Pool, whose video is embedded below.

Also below, socialite rich bitch Anderson Cooper’s TV breakthrough as a Reality TV Game Show host and general make-up wearing clown.

Funny, the media is always calling Trump a Reality TV Host. And they always call Sean Duffy a Former Reality TV Star.

Why is it they keep forgetting Anderson Cooper hosted like five seasons of The Mole and The Celebrity Mole?

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