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Call him Overnight Obama.

Anyone who watches the president’s public appearances on a regular basis knows he has certain expressions that pop up over and over, such as admonishing opponents that they’re on the “wrong side of history” or scolding Americans with the phrase “that’s not who we are.”

Another subtle one shows up a lot too: His caveats that the changes he’s advocating for on issues ranging from the economy to immigration to education to climate change will not happen “overnight.” In fact, Obama’s said this since he was Senator Obama from Illinois, running for president in 2008. After his Feb. 19 victory in the Wisconsin primary, Obama told the cheering crowds to manage expectations.

“As wonderful as this gathering is, as exciting as these enormous crowds and this enormous energy may be, what we’re trying to do here is not easy, and it will not happen overnight,” Obama said.

In 2009, Obama said in his Cairo speech to the Muslim world that “change will not happen overnight,” and he also told Americans that the economy would not “transform overnight.”

In 2010, Obama said his education reform plans wouldn’t “transform our education system overnight,” and he later said the comprehensive immigration reform he sought wouldn’t come easily.


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